Polishing Pads

JH Rhodes unique formulation process produces a micro cellular rigid foam elastomer product that yields an extremely durable surface. JH Rhodes’ polishing pad is available with or without filler (polishing agent) within its structure. Impregnation of the filler enhances the polishing action and increases stock removal, while minimizing free particles that can contribute to scratching.

Polishing Pad Product List 6/7/2017

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CPC-026 None 0.56 (35)   48                            
ESM-013 None 0.59 (37) 88                              
ESM-U None 0.70 (44)   46                          
GR-35 Zirconium Oxide 0.59 (37)   38                      
LP-13 Cerium Oxide 0.35 (22) 73                            
LP-26 Zirconium Oxide 0.58 (36) 89                    
LP-26D Diamond 0.56 (35) 88                                
LP-46 Zirconium Oxide 0.40 (25) 74                          
LP-57 None 0.51 (32) 88                  
LP-57C None 0.53 (33) 88                                
LP-66 Cerium Oxide 0.42 (26) 80            
LP-77 Cerium Oxide 0.43 (27) 78                          
LP-87 None 0.78 (49)   50                    
LP-88 Cerium Oxide 1.12 (70)   64                            
LP-99 Silica 0.43 (27) 80                            
LP-LASER Zirconium Oxide 0.58 (36)   36                              
LP-S Silica 1.09 (68)   67                      
M-25 None 0.42 (26) 89                              
SP-66C Proprietary 0.45 (28)   36                              

Specialty pads available upon request. Specifications subject to change without notice.  

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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Polishing Wheels and Bobs 

We also produce Polishing Wheels and Polishing Bobs used in polishing precision optics, ophthalmic lenses and so on throughout the world.