About Us

JH Rhodes Company, Inc. is a subsidiary of Universal Photonics, Inc. specializing in the polishing needs of the surface finishing industry. Our polishing pads have been developed to address specific application in the glass, memory disk, silicon wafer, and IC production process through 120 years of polishing experience.

Headquarters Address:
JH Rhodes Company, Inc.
11811 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite 3031
Phoenix, Arizona 85028 USA
+1 (602) 449-8689
[email protected]

Factory Address:
10 Ward Street
Vernon, New York 13476 USA
Tel: 1 (315) 829-3600
Fax: 1 (315) 829-3620
Established: 2003
President/CEO: Makoto (Mike) Kozuma
Employees: 65
Products: Polishing Pads


1899 – James H. Rhodes established supplying polishing media for industrial applications

1960 – Introduced cast polyurethane polish pads for substrate material application

1978 – Supplied first pad to Silicon Wafers

1979 – Purchased by and became a division of Universal Photonics, a New York-based Company

2001 – Acquired ISO 9001 Certification

2003 – JH Rhodes Company, Inc. set up as independent company

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