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JH Rhodes Company, Inc.

Drawing on 120 years of polishing expertise JH Rhodes Company, Inc. has developed a polishing pad product line to address challenges to the surfacing industry. In 1975 JH Rhodes became a division of Universal Photonics, Inc., applying cast polyurethane polishing pad technology to its core markets. As a polishing pad manufacturer, we are committed to supporting the leading-edge capabilities of our customers. This commitment is supported by an established technical foundation in the physical and material sciences and process/application engineering. Our ISO 9001 registered organization is also dedicated to delivering product quality and reliability to the markets we serve.

With an established global installed base JH Rhodes has a wide range of high quality, cost effective consumables and the technical know-how to meet the needs of virtually all surfacing and polishing disciplines.

Key Markets JH Rhodes Serves

  • Precision Optics
  • Flat Glass / LCD / FPD
  • Memory Disk Drives
  • Semiconductor Substrates

JH Rhodes Core Technology LP-Series Cast Polyurethane Polishing Pads

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